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p-friarsbay.jpg (207941 octets) tidbul2c.gif (132 octets) Friar's Bay

A small dirty road newly maintened will bring you on this small beach, a lot of trees will give you a nice shade and you will enjoy a family outing there. How to get there ? From the main road between Marigot and "Grand Case" take "Anse des Peres" direction.

p-ansemarcel.jpg (100960 octets) tidbul2c.gif (132 octets) Anse Marcel

One of the most beautiful beach of Saint-Martin with its spectacular view superb and quiet beach situated at the entrance of the low lands. Terrific view.

p-mahobaieboeing.jpg (21862 octets)  

tidbul2c.gif (132 octets) Maho Beach

An absolute must to see this beach is close by airport sensation guaranteed from this spot of this island you can see all the aeroplanes from local and international companies from closery a bit further up there is a tranquil beach with hotels and guest houses.


p-baienettle.jpg (7292 octets) tidbul2c.gif (132 octets) Baie Nettle

You can go to this long beach through most of the hotels and residences.

p-baierouge.jpg (191576 octets) tidbul2c.gif (132 octets) Baie Rouge

Superb and quiet beach situated at the entrance of the low lands. Terrific view.

p-baielongue.jpg (201030 octets) tidbul2c.gif (132 octets) Baie Longue


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